Welcome to the official VIV Asia hotel booking page.


The official VIV Asia 2019 hotel booking system offers a selection of 23 hotels with a price range from THB 1.750-THB 5.300 (€ 45- € 140, US$ 55-US$ 165, rate September 2018) per night single room.

The indicated hotel  rates do include daily breakfast, Wifi internet, all actual taxes and service charges as well as daily BTS-train ticket from your hotel  to VIV Asia 2019 at BITEC during VIV Asia 2019 exhibition days.


We have carefully selected the official VIV Asia 2019 to offer you the most convenience in terms of comfort and commuting.  All offered hotels, with the exception of both Siam hotels (one extra stop and change to Sukhumvit line)  are situated alongside the Sukhumvit BTS Skytrain and on reasonable distance from the BTS Stations (see details at the hotel information). The Sukhumvit BTS Line gives direct access to the Bang Na BTS Station at BITEC Exhibition centre.


You will find a selection of both local Thai brand as well as international brand hotels, some are existing, some are newly build hotels. But all hotels have been visited by us before they got the improvement as an official VIV Asia 2019 hotel.

We hope you will find a hotel that is suitable for your stay in Bangkok during VIV Asia 2019.


Please note that our online system can take a group size of maximum 10 rooms . If your requirement is larger then 10 rooms, please use the group inquiry form on this website. You can also send an email to VIVAsia-Groups@btcgroup.nl

If you need any recommendation service or have other questions concerning your stay in Bangkok, please send us an email and we will be happy to get back in touch with you.


Please feel free to send us feedback on our online service as well as your hotel stay to help us improve our future services.


On behalf of the VIV Asia team as well as ourselves, we are looking forward to welcome you in March 2019 in Bangkok, the city of smile.


Warm greetings,


Hans van Buuren

BTC Group